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Ireland’s best known astronomer, David Moore will give an exciting talk about Space – the future of the human race at the University of Limerick on Thursday October 6th, at 11am

David will explore The Universe in a highly illustrated exciting talk aimed at young inquiring minds. We start at the Sun, its family of planets, asteroids and comets, looking at where life might exist in our Solar system. He then looks out into the wider universe to see where the billions of Earth-like planets are, and how the stars and planets came to be. Black holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Big Bang will all be laid bare.

David is also the Editor of Astronomy Ireland magazine – the magazine of the world’s most popular astronomy society which he founded in 1990. So, he will gladly answer questions on any topic as his position involves him covering all the news from around the universe on a daily basis, and, indeed, commenting on it in the media on a regular basis.

This talk will especially feature the ‘Irish angle’ to the explanation of the cosmos – the Irish invented astronomy! And even today we lead the world, nay the universe with great astronomy researchers and the world’s most popular astronomy club – Astronomy Ireland.

It’s a fun, whistle-stop tour of everything in existence. A fascinating talk that will leave pupils and teachers wanting to know more and hopefully pursue a career in the science or technology field.

David has been writing and broadcasting about space since the 1980’s especially on children’s television. In the 1990’s he presented Astronomy on The Den with Dustin and Ray D’Arcy. More recently he has been a regular guest on Elev8 RTE’s flagship young people’s programme aimed at 8-16 year olds.

He founded Astronomy Ireland in 1990 and it has grown to be the world’s most popular astronomy club. He is Editor of its magazine and so brings the latest discoveries to thousands of Irish people every month.

Astronomy Ireland also bring free copies of Astronomy Ireland magazine for everyone in the audience and often also have stunning posters from the European Space Agency, and world-class observatories, which they give away as well, so the children have a lasting memory of the visit that they will want to keep.


University of Limerick
Room AD2-010, Faculty of Science and Engineering
University of Limerick

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