Loiano Observatory, Italy

The Osservatorio di Loiano is situated about 800 metres above sea level on Mount Orzale, near Loiano, a small town in the North Apennine ridge, 37 km from Bologna.

The main 152 cm (1.5m) telescope, inaugurated in September 1976, is dedicated to the famous 17th Century astronomer, Gian Domenico Cassini. (The NASA/ESA Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn was also named after him).

It has the same Ritchey – Chrétien optical system as other modern telescopes, like the Hubble Space Telescope and ESO Very Large Telescope.

The building hosting the Cassini Telescope has 3 floors. The ground floor hosts instrument fabrication and mirror-aluminizing equipment. The first floor hosts the control room for the telescope, as well as office facilities for planning and analysing observations. The second floor, capped with a large rotating dome, hosts the telescope and has a large lifting platform. The view from the dome’s external gantry is impressive!

Loiano Observatory, Italy
Loiano Observatory
Via Orzale 16
40050 Loiano

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