Explore the Moon with Project TARA


During Space Week we are inviting every school in Ireland to have their very own unique picture of the Moon, taken by our TARA telescope network.

We want as many schools as possible to participate in what should be the largest event of its type in the world! The picture emailed to each school will have a unique time tag of when their image was taken and as Space Week progresses the images will show the changing phases of the Moon. We will then put these images together into the world’s first moon-phase video taken by stitching together hundreds or thousands of individual images!

How are the images unique?

Weather permitting, each school will receive an individual image taken by one of our telescopes situated either at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork or Ormondale, California.  Each image will be unique to your school as to take an image means capturing photons (particles of light) with a camera. The photons in the image are captured there forever and cannot be sent back out into the universe and no other camera can capture the exact same photons as your image. So that image is truly and utterly unique.


Email us at spaceweek@bco.ie to register for your TARA Moon image.


Classroom Resource:

Use the Moon to teach in your classroom with ‘How big is the Moon?’



Fancy some Space Week merchandise for your class? Then simply register on our website and add this classroom resource or any of the toolkits or ideas we have listed as your event.  All registered events will receive Space Week goodies. PLEASE NOTE: This deadline has now passed. You may still apply for your TARA Moon image but you will not receive merchandise