Astronomy talk Booking Required Dublin Free

The Universe: from star formation to supermassive blackholes

Dublin City University October 6, 2016 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Black holes

DCU celebrates Space Week 2016 with an evening of short public talks from DCU’s astronomers and astrophysicists.

In The Mysteries of the birth of Stars and Planets, Prof Turlough Downes talks about the things we know, and don’t know, about how stars and planets like our own Sun and Earth came into existence.

In Finding Alien Worlds, Dr Ernst de Mooij describes how we can find planets that orbit around stars many light years from Earth.

Dr Masha Chernyakova gives us an introduction to Puzzles from the Gamma-ray Universe, talking about some of the most powerful events in the Universe.

Finally, in Black Holes: Masters of the Universe, Dr John Regan will talk about black holes – mysterious objects with immensely strong gravitational fields.

This event is free but booking is required.  Please book here.


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