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The Night Sky: A Major (De)Light – Using space to help protect our night-time heritage

Fitzgerald Building (Physics), Trinity College October 6, 2016 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


The sky links us with the wider Universe, but a dark night sky is threatened by the spread of light pollution.

Astrophysicist and light pollution researcher Prof. Brian Espey will describe the effect of artificial light on our view of the night sky as well as the health, environmental, and economic consequences. Using a combination of data, still images and video, including footage from the International Space Station, he will report on the state of of our night sky, and will suggest ways that we can all help protect it.

Venue: Schroedinger Lecture Theatre, 2nd floor, Fitzgerald Building, Trinity College Dublin (wheelchair accessible)

Note that, due to space restrictions, this is a ticketed event. Tickets are free, and available here  

Location:Find location and directions here


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