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Blackrock Castle Observatory October 7, 2016 9:00 pm - 12:00 pm

Moon Cycle

Join cyclists and astronomers at Blackrock Castle Observatory and sky-watchers around the globe to celebrate International Observe the Moon Night as part of a BCO Space Week Open Night event

The moon is best observed early at 18:00 & at 19:20 the International Space Station will fly overhead; after dark hopefully the constellation Draco the Dragon will spit out meteors. Find out more about October’s skies in SkyMatters

Leaving Blackrock Castle at 21:00 we’ll cycle along the Leeside path with some observing and entertainment along the way before a return to Blackrock Castle for further observing with the Cork Astronomy Club

The Andromeda galaxy and Neptune (up at 22:00 SSE ) may be seen through telescopes.


Bike lights, safety and high vis gear; remember pedestrians along the line won’t have lights!

Children welcome under supervision

MoonCycle & Skygazing are Weather Permitting.
In association with Cork Environmental Forum


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