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Moon Workshops – Schools Only

Lough Gur Heritage Centre, County Limerick October 5, 2016 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Moon workshop

Explore our nearest neighbour: the Moon. Manned exploration of the Moon is long finished, but we are still fascinated by and learning about the Moon.

In our Moon workshop students will use models to explain features on the Moon, including craters and lunar phases.

This Workshop Outline has background information, curricular links and follow on activities. The workshop has been designed to support the new Junior Cycle Science Specification: Earth and Space 4.

Who: For upper primary and lower second level students

How much: €5 per student (this is a subsidised experience for Space Week)

Excursion: Explore and discover one of Ireland’s ancient astronomical wonders at the Great Stone circle at Lough Gur.

How many: 2 classes per day, max 30 students per class

Guest speakers: To be confimed

To book: Contact the Lough Gur Heritage Centre on 061 385186 or


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