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Gamma-Ray Bursts Astrophysics: playing detective with the Universe

University College Dublin Science October 4, 2016 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Unlike many scientists, astrophysicists cannot interact with their laboratory environment nor set up conditions that could make an experiment repeatable under the same circumstances. Instead, they have to wait until events such as solar flares from the Sun, the passage of an extrasolar planet across its star or even the death of a star actually happen.
UCD astrophysicist Dr. Antonio Martin-Carrillo, will talk about the most energetic explosions in the Universe known as Gamma-Ray Bursts, associated with the death of massive stars. As if it was a detective’s murder case, he will walk through the different clues that astrophysicists have found throughout the years from their discovery 50 years ago until today to reveal the mysteries of these short but powerful explosions.
This event is open to all. No registration needed.


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