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A Simple Response… Interstellar Radio Transmission October 10, 2016 8:00 pm


A Simple Response to an Elemental Message; 20:00 UTC, 10 October 2016.

Join us live (via CEB webcam) from the European Space Agency’s Cebreros deep-space tracking station near Ávila, Spain as we transmit the publicly-generated, ‘A Simple Response…’ archive into interstellar space towards the Pole Star.

As part of World Space Week, we are also facilitating a brief window for further contributions (3rd – 5th October) to this interstellar radio message via;

A Simple Response… is a non-for-profit, publicly-generated interstellar radio message due to be transmitted on a one-way journey towards the Pole Star. This initiative was developed in collaboration with the UK Astronomy Technology Centre, European Space Agency and the University of Edinburgh along with researchers working at the John Hopkins University and also the European Southern Observatory.

For further updates on timing, messages and transmission distances, please follow our Facebook & Twitter channels.



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