The Universe in your Club

Enrich your programmes with exciting space themed activities. Designed for clubs and groups outside of a formal school setting, these ideas will help you add a bit of stardust to your planning!

Free Space Week merchandise for your Club!

All events that are uploaded to our website will receive free Space Week goodies to distribute at their event.

An event can be as simple as completing one of the space themed activities below during Space Week or creating your own space event – here are some ideas to help you.   All you have to do is sign up to the website here and once approved you can upload your event.

If you have any questions you can contact us by emailing

Draw your own constellation

Constellations are patterns that people have made up using the stars as join the dots.

Try designing your own constellations in our handy toolkit.

Click here to download the Toolkit

The Plough Clock

We can tell time from the Sun in the daytime. But did you realise that you use the stars to tell the time at night?

Download our handy toolkit and make your own Plough Clock!

Click here to download the Toolkit

Solar System Walk

Have you a hike or walk planned for your group?

Download our handy toolkit to add a Spacey-Spice to your event!

Click here to download the Toolkit