Climate from Space

Satellites observing the Earth from space provide a clear picture of the health of our planet and the signs of climate change.  This app lets you take a closer look at visualisations of over 30 years’ worth of climate data produced by the European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative.

View interactive maps of changes in sea surface temperature, the ice sheets, sea level, carbon dioxide, soil moisture, sea ice and many more. Play, pause, and go step by step through the years of data; zoom in and out, compare the data sets and switch between a globe and a map view. Informative text describes why measuring the Earth system from space is important for climate science, and highlights some of the events and features that can be seen in the visualisations of satellite data.


You can download the app here for apple products. An Android version of the App will be out later this year.

Climate_from_Space ESA app screenshot